Saturday, February 3, 2018

Two Short Pieces from Tunnel Tales

  These two pieces have been on Tunnel Tales for awhile.  They were very quickly done. 

Wake Up (Katie A)
Vincent smiled. The sight before him was so precious to him. Catherine, sprawled on his, no, THEIR bed, fast asleep.
He sighed. Alas, she had to wake up.  Today was a work day. He walked into the chamber, the thermos of coffee ready to pour into the mug on the bedside table.
He couldn't help himself, after he poured the coffee, he leaned over and nibbled on her ear.  She sighed, stretched, but didn't wake. He continued his nuzzling and nibbling, and soon, she was awake, all right, but letting her out of the bed was going to be a new challenge.
A Perfect Ending (Katie A)
The children's concert had been superb, all of the musicians doing very well indeed. The reception after was well supplied with William's best cookies and pastry treats, and the fellowship was absolutely wonderful. Catherine had obviously enjoyed herself immensely, and that made Vincent immensely happy. To see her so at home, and enjoying her time in his world so much just filled his heart with joy and love.
At last it was time to walk Catherine back to her threshold. Neither of them wanted the evening to end, chatting and laughing together as they had been all evening with their friends and family.
At last, they reached the opening in the bricks.
"Oh, Vincent, this evening has been just wonderful! Thank you for asking me to come!"
"Catherine", he said in that special way of his that made her knees weak, "Any time you are with us is special. I am glad you enjoyed yourself."
His shy smile didn't fool her, she knew he was feeling a lot of the same things she was, she could have guessed even without the bond.
She smiled up at him, and reached up to hug him close. "Any time I spend with YOU is special, Vincent. I love you."
She felt a trembling in his body, and was also sure she felt him kiss the top of her head before tucking her head under his chin as usual. Very softly, she heard him say "As I love you, my Catherine. Always."
She hugged him tighter and tears gathered in the corners of her closed eyes at that much desired declaration.
She pulled back enough to see his face, saw the love and the wonder in his eyes, and without hesitation, they moved into a perfect, loving, and not too chaste kiss.
As the kiss ended, Vincent pulled her close again, kissed her head again, and tucked her head under his chin, resting there with her in the glow of their love.
Saying good night would never quite be the same again.

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